Dwarf Gecko

Belive it or not, a 1-inch Dwarf Gecko grows up to a 10-ft kommodo dragon

The kinetic name comes from the word "paleontologiests", which means "the study of lizards", so this kinesis teaches you how to use telepathy and empathy on lizards. Here are the levels that you can practice

Beginner: Small Basking Lizard, Green Anole, Baby Chameleon, Tree Gecko

Intermediate: Iguana, Dwarf Gecko

Hard: Garden Snake, Large Basking Lizard.

Xtra hard: nicki minaj's anaconda (unless u got buns)

Anothur tip is to eat lots and lots of will develop plennty of fat that will create heat attracting lizards who are cold blooded mammals.

Waring: I am not being held responsible if you try a nicki minaj it will be extremely territorial and want all your dumplings. Bad dwarf gecko because if you didnt know, dwarf geckoes grow up to be the kommodo dragon (eg. a HUGE lizard with acid for saliva) and get bitten or licked you are not and I repeat NOT holding me responsible.

No pressure, though.